Coming Soon! Psychic Development Classes

  • Psychic development classes will be offered and are based on the Anastasi System of Psychic Development.  I am certified to teach these classes by Sandy Anastasi, and I will initially only teach Levels 1 through 3.   
  • Take a look at the descriptions of each level so that you have an idea of what will be covered.  It is recommended that you begin with Level 1 so that you understand the basics before going on to other levels.  

The Anastasi System

Psychic Development Level 1

The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals provide you with a solid foundation of the basics which you will utilize later on in further developing your skills in later levels.

Areas of Learning:

  • Positive Thinking
  • Your Brain, Your Higher Self, and Your Unconscious Mind
  • Telepathy (Sender and Receiver)
  • Schematic of the Planes of Consciousness
  • Meditation
  • 10-Point Progressive Relaxation
  • Using the White Light
  • Protection
  • Opening Your Psychic Energy Centers - The Chakra System
  • Self-Hypnosis, Distant Healing, Mind Travel, and Past Lives

After completing Psychic Development Level 1, you should have the knowledge and skills to continue to successfully develop your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Cost $181


Psychic Development Level 2

Energy and Auras

In Level 2, you will learn the skills to see, feel, and experience subtle energies and you will also develop the ability to see auras through various, easy-to-follow exercises and visualizations.  

Areas of Learning:

  • ​Seeing and Understanding the Aura 
  • Scanning the Aura for Health
  • Remote Viewing
  • Chakra Exercise to Open Your Cone of Power
  • Learning to Feel and Identify Other Energies
  • Energy Balls and Thoughtforms
  • Surfing the World-Wide Psychic Web
  • Breaking the Time Barrier

After completing Psychic Development Level 2, you should have the knowledge, experiences, and skills that are necessary to psychically connect to people and objects.

Cost $181

Psychic Development Level 3

Tools and Toys

After completing Level 3, you will have learned how to use a variety of divination tools which will strengthen your psychic connections and open up new ones!

Areas of Learning:​

  • The Art of Psychometry
  • Ethics in Psychometry
  • Radionics and the Art of Using a Pendulum
  • The Art of Automatic Writing
  • Uncovering What's in Your Unconscious Mind
  • The Art of Crystal Gazing or Scrying
  • Other Popular Forms of Divination

​After completing Psychic Development Level 3, you will be exposed to different tools and toys and can experiment with them to find out which ones work best for you.​

Cost $181

Seeing Beyond the Veil

Seeing Beyond the Veil discusses what happens after death; discusses the concept of reincarnation; higher self; planes of consciousness; spirit attachment; helping loved ones cross over; preparing for death; the Masters and the Rays; devas; and demons; 

Cost $100

Psychic Development Level 4

An Introduction to Channeling and Spirit Communication 

This level is a more advanced level of focus and you will use tools you have already learned and utilize them with new exercises.  You will learn to Channel, connect to the other side and to your Guides, how to interpret messages and symbols, and how to protect yourself and your environment. 

Areas of Learning:​

  • Channeling and Spirit Communication
  • Psychic Protection in Channeling
  • The Art of Channeling
  • The Art of Spirit Communication

After completing Psychic Development Level 4, you should have the knowledge, experiences, and skills that are necessary to Channel and understand Spirit Communication, and why it is important to always protect yourself and your environment.

Cost $195

Psychic Development Level 5

 Developing the Energy and Skill in Spirit Communication 

This level explains how to tell the difference between empathic and true Spirit Communication, how to raise your energy and keep it there, and Ethical issues in Spirit Communication. 

Areas of Learning:​

  • Clearing and Protecting Your Space
  • Working with Your Client
  • Spirit Communication - Developing the Energy and the Skills

In completing Psychic Development Level 5, you will have learned how to recognize and control your ego involvement, how to interpret symbols that come from Spirit, how to separate your symbols from the client's and Spirits, and how and why to remain disconnected from the client's emotions.

​Cost $195

Psychic Development Level 6

Healing through Spirit Communication


This level will continue the work done in Level 5 with discussions and exercises focused on levels of Spirit, Planes of Consciousness, Clearing Spirit, Healing Spirit, Spirit Attachment, and Soul Retrieval.  Fundamentals are NOT repeated.

Cost $195